30 March 2012


If only she was hanging off my arm right this very second.
[benah from mychameleon]

28 March 2012

The simple things

A beautifully cut man style blazer over a classic white shirt with a pair of jeans.

[The Gentlewoman #5 via tomboy style]

27 March 2012


Pretty, pouty and free.

[self service n°35 on vimeo]

24 March 2012


I've developed a green thumb of late.
There is nothing more exciting to me than the prospect of one day owning my own veggie patch.
 'Til then I have a lounge room growing full with inherited indoor plants.

[Carlotta Santamaria via moon to moon]

20 March 2012

I heart Rochas


My favourite pair of shoes at the moment are these suede Rochas platforms. They are as comfortable as they are cute. 

19 March 2012

The banana moto jacket

The wardrobe staple has been updated in the most perfect candy banana yellow.

18 March 2012

Rose parade

I was always a yellow gold kind of girl but I think I may have been converted.
Everything is prettier in pink.

[image made by me. 1. tfs 2. mmm ring 3. benah cuff 4. van ryke ring]

15 March 2012


I returned from a short trip away today.
It was lovely being out on the open road - blue skies, endless rolling hills
& good company as we followed those little green signs out of the city to a place where the stars shine bright.


13 March 2012

12 March 2012


I received the most beautiful gift recently - a candy coloured set of Chanel parfum.
The miniature bottles look oh so pretty sitting atop my dresser and I've been enjoying
wearing a different scent each day.

11 March 2012

Panelled pants

I have a confession:
I've been visiting these 3.1 Phillip Lim trousers over at La Garconne every day for the past month,
deliberating with the cursor carefully poised over 'order this item'.
I finally clicked.

8 March 2012


The eternally cool Valentine Fillol-Cordier hanging out
in pretty pinks and neutrals.

7 March 2012

Mr. Postman

 I've been enjoying sending hand written notes of late.
Nothing seems more delightful until you receive one back in return.
 Any fellow mail fans should check out this beautiful website below
- they've certainly got the right idea.

6 March 2012

A Brit in Paris

Though I eagerly anticipate the moment Phoebe Philo's Celine collection hits style.com 
each season, for me there's just something about Chloé. 
I'm lusting after all of the above.

[original image tfs]

Magic crowns

 Valentino & Rodarte have left me desiring a dreamy gold headband of my own.
I will definitely be investing in Gala Curios's unicorn-horn crown creation. 
A subtle glint of gold amongst a tousled low bun.

5 March 2012

Suit up

My Dress Up suit has finally arrived.
Perfect, pale grey cashmere.

4 March 2012


Le Mépris (1963)
Brigitte is oh-so beautiful in this film.
Nobody wears a headband better.

3 March 2012

2 March 2012

The final bow

I'm not usually a Jil Sander girl but I thought Raf's 
final collection was just so pretty.
A quiet beauty & the perfect goodbye.

1 March 2012

At the foot of Montmartre

Natalie introduced me to Ensuite & I've spent all afternoon admiring each of Clarisse's 'Inside Their Home' portraits.
Though all beautiful and magical in their own way, for me the most lovely was the home of Tara et David Meyer -
shearling, pops of pink, parfum and best of all, lots of old records.